Gaining Momentum!

My tips for gaining some serious momentum starts here. Last week we chatted briefly about the SSS (Sunday System for Success) and the MM (miracle morning) and goal setting. If you missed last week's episode head over to the blog to quickly learn what we discussed.

I want to add to the SSS & MM quickly to remind you that its more beneficial to do your MM every morning, including weekends! Your life doesn’t stop on saturday does it? You need to be set up for success everyday even if it's just to veg out on the couch (which by the way if you do the morning routine you will not want to be lazy so you will end up getting a ton done before your day actually starts- it's a win win situation). The main reason is to get your mind in the right place before interacting with anyone - family or clients and or employees. Like I mentioned last week, you do not have to work out for an hour, heck you can just do yoga if you want. Yoga is a great way to keep your body loose and stay present the entire time. This is what we want, just to get the mind in the right place before the chaos starts. I find that if I miss my workout in the morning but I still do my meditation I am ok “ish” during the day. If I do not do either i am running around with my head cut off, and forget what I am doing half way through what I am doing. Its awful, I never realized this until I was about 2 or so months in with doing this routine.

Another thing that I did not mention in the podcast is to make sure you are hydrating first thing in the morning. Our bodies cannot drink water while we are sleeping and it puts us in a type of dehydration. The best thing to do is to wake up, half asleep still if need be and grab yourself a glass of water. If you can have lemon water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Lemon water helps with maintaining great digestive health as well as it acts as a detoxifying agent. If you read up on lemon water you would be shocked with all the benefits that it does for your body including helping level your PH levels. Which by the way is also a crazy thing on its own that I will be sharing about in a future podcast.

In episode two I really dove deep into setting realistic timelines for yourself and for your goals. You can't expect yourself to do a list of things when you are still operating your business on your own. I believe that if you can schedule an entire day to get your office stuff done (and your goals) you will kill it. During this one day you do not take any appointments, you tell people this is your day to get things done. If they can not respect that then you either don’t want them in your life or do not need them as a client. 98% of people understand and will wait for the next following day for you to be at it again. If you try to book a half of a day here and another half of a day there, you will be continuously bugged or distracted and will not accomplish as much as you can within one day. Remember this day is for you to crush your weekly goals so you can reach your one year goal without feeling overwhelmed and potentially giving up all together. Your setting this day up for your success.

Investing in yourself. GET YOURSELF A COACH. Make sure you get a coach who cares and understands your business or is willing to learn your business to be able to help you out the best that they can. You do not want a generalist coach!! These people are great at coaching in life, not so great at coaching in business. They do not see or understand your business the way you do. They can give you decent information to use but have no structure on how to get you to your actual goal you are wanting. They usually say things like “well what do you think you could do?” DUDE if i knew I wouldn't be paying your 10 grand a year. DO NOT GET A COACH LIKE THIS. It's a waste of your time and money. Get a coach so is in the same type of business as you or at least specializes in the same “kind of business” as yours. OR is actually willing to learn everything about your business before they start coaching you. Ask them what their business background is. How many years they were or are in business for. How they think they can help you. These are all questions you should ask before hiring a coach. Also try to get a coach that is willing to meet with you once a week or bare minimum 2 times a month. If you are wanting to hire employees and you are always ending up hiring the same type of people or the same thing ends up happening in the end. Hire a coach for HIRING EMPLOYEES. They specialize in this department and can help you nail down the exact employees that you are needing and wanting without you wasting your time hiring the wrong employees again and again.

I also did not mention in the podcast today but being surrounded by the right people will also help you gain momentum and be successful. By surrounding yourself with like minded people you will empower each other and grow your businesses together. A good start to this is to delete all the people off your facebook and instagram and in your phone who you do not talk to on a regular basis. For me a regular basis is once every 3 months. This is to cut out those people that only use you for what they need and the rest of the time they don’t really care about you or where you are going. The saying goes, You are the top 5 people you hang out with. If your top 5 people are “below” you (I mean this in the nicest way possible. Find new people to hang out with, you can start going to networking groups around your community… OR with covid going on you can do online networking with different events etc. We are very lucky to have the internet and zoom nowadays because we are no longer limited to the people in our own community. Do a quick check in and see who you hang out with on a daily basis.Are they negative or positive people? Try to cut out all the negative people in your life, this will also help you stay focused and not brought down by someone's opinion that is coming from jealousy.

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