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Let’s get cracking at life! Episode one of my podcast covers everything from your 5 year goals down to how to set up your life daily for success.

We need to first start with our long term goals. Without planning from the back end and working your way forward you will never know which direction you need to take. Your 5 year goals are very specific and help you understand the vision of what you want to accomplish. In your five year goals you can include how much money you would like to be making by then. You can include things like how many employees you have, what do they look like, talk like and treat others? Are they wearing uniforms? What do these uniforms look like? What does your office or shop look like? For the other side of things, you can include things like how is your home life? How is your partner and yours relationship? Do you make love a certain amount of time during the week? How do you treat each other? How do you handle arguments? How do you treat your children and how do they react to you? How does your relationship with your friends look like? Do you have time for them? How much time do you spend with them? These are all great ways to really envision what you want your 5 year goal to be like. Think like a kid, really get into your imagination, If you could see and do what ever you wanted write it down. We will underestimate what we can do in 5 years and overestimate what we can do in a year. I have heard this so many times and it's true. Unless you have a solid game plan of how you want your future to look like you can’t even start taking action on your goals.

Now that you have an idea of where to start your 5 year goals, you have to attach emotion to it. This ensures you will stay on track and have that emotional connection to the big success or on the flip side the absolute worst feeling when you dn’t do anything to reach those goals. An example of this is how do you feel that you have now reached the 5 year mark and you look back on your goals and you see you haven't even moved one little bit. Your business is still not sustainable without you, your working even harder and you have ZERO time for your lover or family. Feels like absolute shit doesn’t it, kinda want to crawl into a hole? YUP take that awful feeling in, let it sink into your soul. Now, think about how this would feel, you walk into your conference room and your manager says to you “Nicole, we are going to surpass our revenue goal by 20%”. How do you feel now? What is your body doing? Did you get tingles? Are you wanting to get up and give everyone a huge hug and maybe a kiss? This is what you want to do, really attach emotions to everything, and by doing this you will remember how it felt to not accomplish anything and you will push even harder to get to your goals.

Once you have your five year goals, its time to figure out your one year goals. What are some actions you can do or need to do to get to your 5 year goals. This can be things like better structuring for employees, pricing guides that are easier for your clients and your employees to understand. This can include things like how much you need to make this year to be closer to your 5 year goals. I do have to say when you are restructuring your entire business to be able to grow and maintain your everyday workflow make sure you do not over do it on the revenue goal for the 1st year. Really get focused on the other things like the structuring of your business, processes etc.

Now that you have both your 5 year and one year goals figured out its time to break it down and get things set up for your quarterly goals. Remember to maintain manageable quarterly goals to ensure you can gain momentum and do not get overwhelmed with how much you need to do. A scattered and unorganized person will always procrastinate and will not accomplish their dreams. Make some kind of a tracker or spreadsheet to keep track of your progress and what you need to do next. A list is fine but if you're anything like myself you have about 10 different lists going at once and forget what you really need to do next. I have a tendency to get really excited about doing courses or things that I do not necessarily need to do at that moment. I end up getting off track, getting frustrated with myself and then don’t finish that project either. It’s a downward spiral! Always give yourself Rewards and consequences for all the weekly goals you have set out. ( i include this in my tracker) If you attach rewards that will get you excited you will push yourself to get your weekly tasks done, and we don’t give ourselves enough credit for accomplishing small things. All the small things equal the BIG picture. Without all the small wins we never get to the BIG win. On the flip side of that we need to attach some consequences. These will be things that do not harm our bodies, or our end goals. A consequence can be something like doing 50 push ups for not finishing the task I was supposed to do this week. Again keeping yourself accountable is how we succeed.

A SSS or Sunday System for Success will follow your quarterly breakdowns. What this means is that on Sundays (doesn’t necessarily have to be sunday but) before your week starts for the following week you sit down and Audit your previous week, your goals, and check that your on track. Make sure your family knows that on Sundays you need to take this time for you to be able to be the most organized and successful. Make sure to ask them if there is anything they need you to do during the week so they do not feel left out of your life. Here is a lst of things you should always think about during your SSS.

  1. List 3 victories from last week

  2. List 3 key learning insights from the previous week

  3. What about last week are you most grateful for?

  4. What worked last week

  5. What did not work last week

Try to be as detailed as possible- this helps you really take the time to figure out what you could have done better and, then become better for the upcoming week. Now that you have audited your week its time to make a list of everything you need to do personally and what you need to do professionally. This way you can lay out and time manage absolutely everything you need to do for the week and see if its doable or if you may have to move some things around. You always want to chunk things together to save time. Things like going downtown for groceries and or stoppin and measuring a house, you could try to plan them at the same time to cut out driving time. I only live 10 mins away from our grocery store but by the time I go there and come back for one thing I have now wasted 20 mins. If I do that twice a day, I have now wasted 40 mins. If I can go and get groceries and measure the house at the same time I save myself 20 min. 20 MINS!! Thats enough time to get the quote out, have a coffee, and bull shit for a bit. Thats alot of time wasted!

Last but not least you should be getting up, working out, meditating and trying to physically read a book before heading to the office or before the family wakes up. This gets your blood pumping, your mind, body and spirit in the right place before you get into your busy and exhausting day. The work out in the morning does not have to be an hour long, you only need to get your heart rate up and get your body loosened up for the day. I personally do beachbody workouts and my favorite one so far is 9 Week Control Freak with Autumn Calabrese. She is amazing, they are quick but very effective workouts. If you are new to working out I would suggest starting with 21 day fix real time. I also highly recommend following her meal plans, she comes out with new recipes once a month and they are the bomb. Once I have finished my 20-30 min workout, I then do my meditation. I sit or lay down, depending on how tired I am, and I sit and think few things as I breathe in deeply. 1. If today was my last day who would I want to be? Who can I text or call today and tell them I appreciate them in my life?(once i am done with my meditation, I actually text or call them) I then envision what my end goal looks like just to refresh my memory and stay on track for my goals.These are just a few of the things I meditate on. I sometimes do a guided meditation from Youtube if I can not get the junk out of my head to sit in silence. Once my meditation is completed I try to read a book 10-15 mins before I sprint off and get busy with life. The reason for reading a physical book vs a audio book is because when you are reading you are retaining information differently and you are being in the moment. Usually when we are listening to audio books we are doing other things, and not really gaining as much information as we could be from the book. Its always great to listen to an audio book more than once in case you missed something. Also depending on where you are at in life you may actually get something totally different from the book from the first time.

I am super grateful for you reading my blog and listening to my podcast. I am always looking for feedback and would love for you to give me some! I also am always curious to see what people are wanting me to chat about on my podcasts or what they want me to be more in depth with. Don’t forget I also do Intro Coaching, Start Up Coaching, and Long term coaching, if you are interested in any of these head over to the coaching page!!



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